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Palm oil: The crime against wildlife many of us are committing

Palm oil: The crime against wildlife many of us are committing

The palm oil industry is having a devastating impact on the world’s might highly endangered wildlife, such as the adorable Boreno Pygmy Elephant whose numbers have declined to just under 1000.  Palm oil is contained in nearly half of household products such as food, makeup, shampoo and conditioner.  Manufacturers have come up with over 170 “code names” for palm oil to conceal it’s presence in products from the public.  That massive list is impossible to remember, but luckily there are 5 tips to avoid palm oil.

5 tips ways to avoid palm oil:

  1.  Vegetable oil is the most common “code name” for palm oil.  Excellent substitutes include products clearly labeled as 100% sunflower oil, corn oil. olive oil, coconut oil, or canola oil.
  2.  Check out the product’s saturated fat content.  If it makes up 40% or more of the total fat, it’s palm oil.
  3.  Any ingredient with the word “palm” in it is palm oil or a derivative.  
  4.   Big name-brand prepackaged snack food contain palm oil.
  5.   Google the product name along with the word “palm oil“.
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