Dylan Farrow makes her debut as a novelist, acknowledges ‘elephant in the room’ Woody Allen – USA TODAY

  1. Else Verwoerd Reply

    Why do you LIE that “Multiple investigations in Connecticut produced mixed results about what happened”?

    There have been two independent, thorough investigations that took fourteen months, by child sexual abuse expert centers that were chosen by the prosecution and Mia.

    Yale-New Haven (CT) concluded in no uncertain terms that Dylan had NOT been abused. Indications were found that Dylan had been ‘coached’ in telling about the alleged ‘abuse’.

    NY Child Welfare Services concluded that no evidence had been found for any abuse, and that the allegation was thus unfounded.

    CT Police did not find any evidence of wrongdoing.

    That is not ‘mixed results’. So why did you LIE?

    Another falsehood is “Allen and Previn have been married 16 years”. They have married in 1997, and I guess you can count.

    Why the constant need by Woody Allen haters to spread LIES?

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