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Relief for animals as prestigious Vietnamese zoo quietly ends cruel elephant performances

Following years of criticism from Animals Asia, Saigon Zoo has ended all elephant performances.Saigon Zoo, the biggest in Vietnam, has ended all live elephant performances following years of opposition by Animals Asia.For years, four elephants have been forced to perform tricks, such as rearing up on their hind legs and standing on stools every weekend and on public holidays.These activities cause great suffering to the animals as they are forced to behave unnaturally and in manner which can cause long-term harm to their bodies. Such activities can only be achieved through the threat of violence in the form of spiked sticks known as bullhooks.While the zoo made no formal announcement that the shows have ended, Animals Asia has gained assurances that they have not taken place since December 2018 and will not be reintroduced.Animals Asia has opposed the elephant performances since 2016 when the charity began liaising with the zoo and the Vietnamese Zoo Association.Animals Asia Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale said:“We are absolutely delighted that Saigon Zoo has realised the elephant shows are cruel, out-dated and utterly at odds with the principles of animal welfare.”Saigon Zoo owns six Asian elephants, four of whom were forced to perform. All six…


A photo and video footage of a thin skeletal elephant has surfaced the internet, which shows the animal doing circus tricks in a zoo in Thailand.Elephants at the Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo in Thailand were forced to perform tricks in an almost deserted stand with only very few zoo visitors. Two of the five elephants there appeared to be severely underweight and looked weak.“I’ve been visiting the zoo for a long time because I like to look at the animals. But when I visited last week, I was upset when I saw one of the elephants. The elephant looked so thin and weak. I felt so sorry for him. I think he needs help,” one spectator, who wanted to remain anonymous, told LADbible.Local authorities from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation inspected the zoo and examined the elephants.According to a report by The Bangkok Post, investigators found out that most elephants had lost their teeth and could not chew the food that the zoo was giving them, resulting to starvation and malnutrition.Zoo staff was ordered to let the elephants rest and plan how they could be able to provide softer foods for the majestic beings.“Thailand,…

Senate Moves To Protect Animals In Traveling Shows

Lions, tigers and bears, nor any other type of performing animal used in traveling shows would be allowed in Colorado under a bill that won preliminary approval in the Colorado Senate on Wednesday.While Senate Bill 135 includes a long list of the types of animals that would not be allowed, it also expressly exempts other animal shows, particularly those associated with the state’s agricultural industry.That includes such things as rodeos, working dog trials, livestock or horse shows or any other exhibition that involves livestock, such as state or county fairs. The measure, introduced by Democratic Sens. Joann Ginal of Fort Collins and Rachel Zenzinger of Arvada, also exempts animals used in research or as part of a film or television production.“It excludes educational purposes, scientific purposes, conservation and rescue and other venues where the animals are free to act however they naturally act,” Zenzinger said in a pun-laced discussion of the bill. “Zoos are OK because the only ones monkeying around are the monkeys. If you look at the text, you will see that we corralled the exotic animals that we intended to without rounding up the traditional agricultural entertainments involved in our domesticated and livestock species.”The bill does include…