The Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act #TEAPSPA is a bipartisan federal bill to ban the use of exotic animals in traveling circuses and attractions in the United States.  It has been introduced to be voted on by our state’s Senators and Representatives.  It is now up to you and I to pressure our lawmakers to vote YES on the Bill and #StopCircusSuffering in the US for once and for all!

March 5-9th is the Week of Action. 

1 week of action for a future that’s free of #CircusSuffering

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Monday: Spread the word on social media!

Share our Week of Action Facebook posts and tweets with your friends and followers, as well as our Reluctant Entertainers campaign video, available here.

You can also update your profile picture on Facebook to support the cause; simply click this link and type ‘Animal Defenders International’ into the search box to find the ‘I’m working to stop circus suffering’ profile picture frame.

Tuesday:  Arrange to meet with your representative
Please call your representative to set up a constituent meeting today! They work for you, and they want to hear from you, or, better yet, meet you! Find your representative here.

We will provide support to help you prepare for a successful meeting, including legislative briefings covering the issues – training, transport, health and public safety, regulatory oversight, and economics. Contact us at or call 323-935-2234.

If you’ve already met with your legislator (or their staff member), why not check in again? You can also check for their name on TEAPSPA’s co-sponsors list here. If they aren’t listed as a co-sponsor, please call to urge them to sign on, and if they are cosponsoring TEAPSPA, please call them to say thanks!

Wednesday:  Please reach out to your senator to ask for a senate companion bill!
Find your Senator here and tell them: “I’m your constituent and I urge you to sponsor a senate companion bill to H.R.1759, to prohibit traveling wild and exotic animal acts.”

Thursday:  Send this email to 5 friends and ask them to take action

Friday:  Contact the US House Agriculture Committee
Please contact the US House Agriculture Committee Chair Conaway and Ranking-Member Peterson, to urge their support for H.R.1759:
K. MICHAEL CONAWAY: 202-225-3605
COLLIN C. PETERSON: 202-225-2165
If you want to go the extra mile, try calling every committee member!

Here are sample talking points to help you:
“Hello my name is XXX, I am calling in support of TEAPSPA, HR1759, which is a bipartisan bill before the Agriculture Committee. Please support this bill to address animal cruelty, streamline regulation, and reduce expensive oversight.”

Studies on the use of wild animals in traveling acts show that circuses cannot meet the physical or behavioral needs of wild animals. Animals are deprived of physical and social needs, confined in small spaces, spending excessive time shut in trailers and train cars. These animals often demonstrate abnormal behaviors – rocking, swaying, and pacing – indicating they are in distress and not coping with their environment. ADI’s video evidence shows these animals are forced to perform tricks through physical violence, fear, and intimidation.

Together, we can stop the suffering.  Thank you so much for making a difference for animals this week!

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