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  • Adopt an Elephant
Adopt an Elephant
Organize a Rally
Hold a rally when the circus or other traveling wild or exotic animal acts comes to your town or city!  The following non-profits will help you organize your event and provide you with materials at no cost to you!
Animal Defenders International
A Bill that would ban the use of wild or exotic animals in all US circuses has been introduced in the House and Senate.  It's up to US to get it passed!  Find out how!
  • Never buy products made of ivory
Support the Following Non-Profits
Save Elephant Foundation
Elephant Nature Park
Back a Ranger
  • Never buy, make or sell ivory products

  • Vacation ethically

    Most elephant camps that advertise themselves as being 'sanctuaries' are fake. True sanctuaries forbid elephant rides.

  • Boycott Palm Oil

    Substitute vegtable oil with coconut, sunflower seed, rapeseed, olive, or soybean oil.

  • While visiting areas in southeast Asia DO NOT

    Ride on elephants, visit trekking camps, purchase pictures “painted” by elephants, tip / donate money to elephant tenders or elephant mahouts.

  • Spread the word!

    Share this information with friends and family. Urge them to join the fight!