Having ‘ground troops’ is especially important.  This guide will help you start up an animal activist group in your area.

  1. Social media is key.  Begin by creating a Facebook Page for your group.  Give it a catchy name that indicates location such as Tampa Animal Warriors, for example.
  2. Invite your friends and family to join the group and ask they do the same.  Establish an account for the group across several social media platforms such as Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Digg, and Tumbler.
  3. Create a free blog using WordPress, Joomla, Google Sites or Blogger. The software is very easy to use, even for total novices. Anything you’d normally publish on your FB page, publish on the blog instead.  This way you can share the content across all the social media platforms you created with just one click.
  4. Keep informed of the going-ons in your community.  If you hear that the circus is coming to town, for example, organize a protest by creating a Facebook Event and sharing it on social media. Click for example. Contact PETA or Animal Defenders International to assist you.  They will provide you with protest materials such as signs, coloring books, leaflets, CDs, and other educational materials at no cost.  They will also prepare a Press Release and distribute it to their email subscribers and your local major news outlets.

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